Thanks for your interest in the Weaver Xtreme Plus  plugin, which adds over 100 new features to Weaver Xtreme. This page has the instructions for installing, activating the plugin, and finally, activating the license key.

Already Purchased Weaver Xtreme Plus? See Manage Your Weaver Xtreme Plus License to re-download the plugin or manage your license.

  1.  Install and Activate Weaver Xtreme Theme
    The Weaver Xtreme Plus  plugin is designed to only work with the Weaver Xtreme Theme. So your first step is to install Weaver Xtreme from WordPress. You can get it here.
  2. Purchase and Download Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin .zip file  (or login to your account to download anytime)
    After you complete the purchase, you will be redirected to a page with a download link to the Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin .zip file. (Note: Safari users need to right-click to properly download the plugin .zip file.) Your purchase information will also be added to your account information, so if you don’t go to the download link page immediately after purchase, you can access downloads by logging in to your Weaver Xtreme Plus account on and opening the “Your Accout -> Your Licenses” menu.
  3. Download Purchase Note that your purchase page includes the Weaver Xtreme Plus License Activation code. You will need this later, or you can get the code from the “Your Licenses” menu.
  4. Install and Plugin Activate the Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin
    To add the plugin to your site after you download it to your computer, use the standard method for installing an uploadable plugin. Open the Appearance:Plugins:Add New admin page.  Click “Upload” on the menu at the top. Upload Xtreme Plus pluginFrom there, select and upload the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin .zip file you downloaded to your computer. Upload ExtremeFinally, activate the plugin from the Dashboard: Plugins: Installed Plugins page:
    Activate Plugin
    IMPORTANT! Weaver Xtreme Plus is a Plugin, and NOT a Theme. If you attempt to install it as a Theme, you will get an error message about a missing style.css file. You must install it as a Plugin!
  5. Open the + Xtreme Plus Admin Page, Activate License Key tab
    If you don’t get to this point – having the “+ Xtreme Plus” item on the WP Dashboard Appearance menu – then something has gone wrong. You need to review the above steps to see what might be wrong. If you have the latest version of Weaver Xtreme installed from the WordPress Theme repository, it is unlikely that the Xtreme Plus plugin will not install and work.After you’ve activated Weaver Xtreme Plus from the WordPress Plugins admin page, you need to open the + Xtreme Plus admin page on the Dashboard Appearance menu. Open Appearance:+Xtreme PlusYou also should see a notice with a red background that instructs you to “Please Activate Weaver Plus Plugin” on the regular Weaver Xtreme Theme Options admin. Enter your license code, and click the “Update License Key”. (Note: activation works only on a site with a valid URL. Sites using “localhost” or an IP will not activate. The plugin will still work, however. The license allows you to install Weavre Xtreme Plus on a development site, but such sites will not receive automatic updates.) 

    Enter Activation KeyYour copy of Weaver Xtreme is now registered and activated, and will automatically be updated along with your other WordPress plugins. You will need to activate your license key for any sites that you use it on – up to the limit of the number of activations included with your license. Remember that your license is only good for sites you own and maintain. If a site is no longer under you control, it will need its own Weaver Xtreme license.

  6. Weaver Xtreme Plus Features are Ready to Use
    Once you’ve installed the plugin, all the new features provided to the Weaver Xtreme theme by the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin will be functional. All the formerly grayed out options on the normal Weaver Xtreme Theme admin pages will now be active. There are also new options found on the new  + Xtreme Plus item on the Dashboard Appearance Menu. If you don’t activate your license (such as on a development site), or if you license has expired, you will not receive automatic updates.
  7. Updating Weaver Xtreme Plus
    Once you’ve installed Weaver Xtreme Plus and activated the license, the plugin will be updated automatically using the normal WordPress plugin update process.
    Note: If you let your Weaver Xtreme Plus license expire, you will still be able to continue to use the last version you installed as long as you need, but will no longer receive updates for the plugin.