License Renewal


Weaver Xtreme Plus is licensed for 18 months at a time.  After that you may renew your license at a 30% discount to continue updates and support.

What happens if a license is not renewed?

  1. Automatic security and feature updates will be discontinued.
  2. The download link in your EDD site profile will disappear.

If I renew my license, do I need to also re-download the software and install it again?

No, the built-in automatic update system will take care of all of that for you.

Will my plugin work with an inactive or expired license?

Yes it will, and this is perfectly legal.

Can licenses be renewed early or late?

Yes.  Renewing early will extend your license from its previous end (giving you 36 months if you renewed right away).  Renewing late will give you 18 months more beginning from your point of renewal.

Is there a discount for renewing?

Yes, all license renewals at 30% off of the current price for the plugin.

Example: Let’s say two years ago you bought the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin for $30.00.  Today the price is $49.00, so your renewal fee would be 30% off of $49.00, which is $34.30.

Are there lifetime licensing options?

Not at this time.

If I have Live and Testing servers, do I need to activate my license on both sites?

No, you should only activate your license on your Live site.  You may still install your extension on your Test server and use it without an active license.

How do I renew my license?

Login to the Weaver Xtreme Shop site. From the front page (the shop page), select the version of Weaver Xtreme Plus you want to renew. (The number of licenses you want.) Add that to the cart, and checkout. On the checkout page, there will be an option to renew. Click that, and enter your existing license code. You will then get the 30% renewal discount.

Will my license renew itself automatically?

No, you must manually renew your license.

How will I know when the license subscription is renewed?

You will receive an email notifying you of the renewal. You will get the first notice 30 days before the renewal is due, and a few more notices until you renew.

What if I don’t want to renew?

Your plugin will continue to work just fine. However, you will not receive the latest bug and feature updates.