Once you’ve gotten Weaver Xtreme Plus loaded and installed for the first time, you will be able to return to this site (Shop.WeaverTheme.com) to monitor your license, and re-download the plugin’s .zip file if need be, or clear/reset your license activation.. Normally the plugin will be automatically updated after it is first installed, but this allows you to reinstall the plugin if needed.

Logging in with your registered user name allows you to do the following things:

  1. View all your licenses and associated information.
  2. Re-download the plugin’s .zip file for manual installation.
  3. View the URLs of authorized sites.
  4. Upgrade your license.
  5. Manually manage your licenses.
  6. Reset/clear your activations.

First, login to your account at Shop.WeaverTheme.com, and on the Your Account menu, open the Your Licenses  menu item. You’ll see:

Purchase History

From the Your Licenses page, click the  View Details and Downloads  link for your purchase of Weaver Xtreme Plus. The page will include this information:

Download Details

This Details and Downloads  page (Purchase Confirmation) will show the details of your transaction, including the License Key, a link to download the plugin, and a link to installation instructions. (Safari users: Right-Click to download to avoid automatic unzipping!)

From the Your Licenses  page, you can also click View Licenses  and get:

View License, Manage Sites

Upgrade your license

You may upgrade to a greater number of licenses for the difference in license price. To upgrade, click the “View Licenses” link in the Purchase History menu. From the licenses page, if you qualify for an upgrade, you can click on the “View Upgrades” link to purchase an upgrade.

Manual Site Management Using your shop.WeaverTheme.com Account

You can manage your registered sites from you account page. View your registered sites by clicking the Manage Sites link and get:

Manage Sites

The most useful use of this page is to get a list of activated sites – it lets you track which sites have been activated from the Xtreme Plus activation tab.

You can deactivate a site, and also add a new URL to authorize for the license using this menu. However,  all sites must really be activated from each actual site using the license key. If you add a site on this management page, it will NOT activate the automatic updates for the plugin. That can only happen after the site itself has the license key registered to validate the update transaction between the site and the Shop.WeaverTheme.com server. Without the key, the site can’t get in. You can deactivate a site, but as long as you have valid validations remaining on your license, the site could be reactivated from the site.

All this may seem confusing, but just note that it takes a key to get in, and simply deactivation or authorizing from this page does not take the key away from a site. So this is most useful for tracking which sites have been activated from the site itself.

If you want to manage activated sites from your shop account, you can do that. This sometimes may be helpful if a site has difficulty activating a site directly because of internet speed issues. (This is a very uncommon, but known issue for some non-USA sites.) To “manually” activate a site, add the site’s url  in the URL field in the above form. Now, on the site, add the License Key in the field on the Xtreme Plus : Activate License Key tab. Normally, the Update License Key will work, but if that fails, try clicking the Verify License for this site button.


Clearing License Activation for a Site

When you activate your license for a specific site, Weaver Xtreme Plus connects your site to the License Server, and adds an entry to your site’s WordPress database. If you want to completely remove a site’s activation, use the following procedure.

It is also possible, under rare conditions, for the license registration information contained in your site’s local WordPress database to get out of sync with what is found on shop.WeaverTheme.com’s servers. This procedure can also “re-sync” your license activation.

First, deactivate your site’s license key by opening the Appearance : Xtreme Plus : Activate License Key tab. Then click on the “Deactivate License on this site” button.


After you do that, the dialog should change to a “Activate” button (don’t click it yet), and you should now click the “Verify License for this site”:



Assuming you’ve followed the steps here, you should see the following, and now click on the “Clear All License Settings”:


This should bring you back to the new registration box:


The “Clear All License Settings” will remove license settings from your site’s local WordPress database, as well as from the shop.WeaverTheme.com’s license database. If you use the information above to look at your license information on the shop website, you should see that the current site is no longer activated. At this point, you can re-enter your license key to reactivate the site.